Denni Ian – Spleen (2020)

Denni Ian is a Danish singer-songwriter and visual artist who is combining stark poetic expression with traditional folk and intimate rock. Influenced by German romanticism, Chinese Tang poetry and French symbolism, his music has a striking confessional tone. His latest single ‘Spleen’ continues his musical artistry.

The track offers slow-burn aesthetics and is shaped by his personal hardships. Danish singer Mau Lindow is featured on the track, using her delicate phrasing to bring solace. The track is the second single from his upcoming debut album.

‘Spleen’ opens with an intimate melody that draws you into the performance. While the melody is minimalistic in nature, there are these notes that soar through it that cut through you. There is a traditional vibe to the melody that works very well the intimate rock aspects. The music of the track leaves you spellbound and enhances the confessional style lyrics.

The stripped-back melody gives the lyrics and vocal performance the chance to shine. Ian’s vocals are melodic and intense. Lindow’s backing vocals create a poignant combination with Ian’s performance. There is a sadness seeping through this song and into your marrow. The lyrics have a poetic rhythm to them that captivates you and lets you fall into them.

Denni Ian mesmerises you with his confessional lyric style, intimate melody and collaboration with Mau Lindow in ‘Spleen’. The track is beautiful in a sad and understated way. There is an intensity to the song that draws you in and leaves you spellbound.

Find out more about Denni Ian on his Instagram and Spotify.

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