IO – IFD (2019)

IO is a UK metal project and brainchild of Mike Webster, The One-Man-Metal-Machine. While looking at the skies of Derby, the idea for the most intense, heaviest and loudest music available was born. While Webster has played with live bands in the past, IO is the result of experiments with writing and exploring new realms.

The debut album Out of Knowhere was released last year and ‘IFD’ is the second track. The song incorporates heavy riffs, massive grooves and intense vocals combined through unorthodox songwriting. The song challenges the current understanding of heavy music.

‘IFD’ does not give you any chance to get into the melody before you are hit with heavy vocals. While the metal vocals grab you, the heavy guitars pulse through your chest. The music pounds your ears and makes you bang your head to the beat.

While the music is experimental and unorthodox, it comes together perfectly. The melody arrangements swing between extreme and smooth with ripping guitars. The vocals keep you engaged while pushing the message in the lyrics. The track gets your heart pumping and you can easily scream along to the lyrics.

IO combines unorthodox songwriting with blistering riffs deep grooves and blasting vocals for the audio assault that is ‘IFD’. The track makes you remember what you love about metal and is definitely one to add to your favourite playlists. The molten design of the melody smashes through everything you thought you knew about modern metal music.

Find out more about IO on his website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

One thought on “IO – IFD (2019)

  • June 30, 2020 at 1:12 am

    Amazing article! IO is definitely Mind Blowing Metal & Mike’s vocals are Heavy, Unique & Undeniably Brilliant!
    Honestly, Mike is an absolute genius & the entire album will melt your face off!?

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