Desert Dusk – Pickup Truck (2020)

From the ashes of other bands, Desert Dusk arose when Stuart Barker (synths, guitar, electronics) was looking for collaborators. He was joined by Adam Jacobs (drums, samples), David Drew (vocals, guitar) and Sergio Rubio (bass, keyboards). Together they have been creating infectious alternative rock tunes for the last 4 to 5 years. Their latest release ‘Pickup Truck’ takes them back to their rock roots after their last single ‘Y’.

The new track is essentially about the heart and why it functions as it does. The song also looks at why the heart feels the way it does. This topic is tackled with the unique sound, energy and enthusiasm that the band has become known for.

‘Pickup Truck’ hits you with the rock-infused melody from the first second. There is this great groove to the guitar-driven melody that gets you moving. Throughout the song, there are amazing riffs that cut through the melody to soar above the beat. The energy of the song is kept up with the pop drumbeat that drives through you. The inclusion of a piano line throws the melody for a wonderful loop that you are not expecting.

While the melody makes you want to move, Drew’s vocals send shivers through you with his power. His performance adds a new layer to this song that is almost like an additional melody. Through his vocals, you are able to connect with the lyrics that are extremely catchy, particularly in the verses. The softer sections of his vocals are a whisper against the senses that give you a moment to breathe before you are moved back into the beat.

Desert Dusk hits you with a captivating melody and soaring rock guitar riffs anchored by a powerful vocal performance in ‘Pickup Truck’. The song has unforgettable energy that makes you want to move to the beat. Their unique mixture of pop drums and rock riffs work perfectly with Drew’s vocals to give you the energetic track you have been looking for.

Find out more about Desert Dusk on their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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