Filiah – For Someone (2022)

Embracing her passion for music, singer-songwriter Filiah uses her musicality to share stories through sonic expression. Deeply personal and focusing on complex feelings, the Austria-based artist (for what she does is artistry) connects with her growing fanbase. Featured on Independent Music Reviews, Less Than 1000 Followers, Lefuturewave, Nagamag and various playlists, Filiah is reaching people on an international level. The latest addition to her discography is her EP For Someone.

Following her well-received single ‘In A Haunted House’ (read our review here), Filiah blasts into 2022 with the seven-track EP For Someone. A strong folk-inspired release, Filiah merges the intimacy of Joni Mitchell with the contemporary edginess of Lana Del Rey in her music. While I make these comparisons, it is difficult to pinpoint Filiah’s style – perhaps this is because her music is distinctive and unique. Reaching out into the minimalist soundscape with her simplicity, we hear an endearing arrangement layering vocals over acoustic instrumentation.

Opening with the track ‘Goodbye’, Filiah establishes herself as a charming songstress taking you away on a glistening river of sound. Her powerful vocals wrap around you like a haunting gossamer blanket while pinpricks of melodic light whip past your face. It is interesting that this track, as well as the others, has a kaleidoscopic ambience but retains the steady simplicity of basic guitar-led songs. Some may consider a monotony in sound and style with ‘27’ being similar to ‘In Between’ or ‘A Letter’; however, the emotion behind the melody is what makes each tune so unique.

My favourite track is ‘A Letter’ because of its minimalistic approach, but the title track certainly holds its own. Bringing a soft pop style to the melody, she introduces a contemporary edginess overshadowing the other tracks. Known for her nostalgic and melancholic themes, ‘For Someone’ explores toxic relationships, inner turmoil and vulnerability in a sentimental way. As Filiah explains, “…sometimes we simply don’t really know why we do the things we do or hurt the people we love while we’re in pain or depressed ourselves.”

Self-produced and written over the past year and a half, For Someone is filled with brutal honesty, intimacy and love. It explores human fragility and our complexity in a haunting way but also lays out the hopefulness in letting go of old experiences.

For more from Filiah check out her Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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