deVience – Beyond The Bounds (2018)

Image credit to Buck Remington

DeVience is a London-based hard rock band founded in 2009.  The band consists of Giovanni Spano (vocals), Donnie Roulstone (guitars), Jim O’Connor (guitars), Ben Porter (bass), and Olli Carter (drums). Their genre influences are metal, classic rock, funk rock and hard rock.  They recently performed at the Isle of Wight, but the main attraction here is their latest single, ‘Beyond The Bounds’.

This track is, characteristically, a very heavy rock-style song, and it sounds a lot like the iconic 80’s hard rock songs.,  The track begins with a drumbeat and guitars, and is extremely catchy.  Giovanni’s vocals are outstanding.  He sings about not wanting to follow the rules, and not wanting to be bound to something.  The lyrics are very good, and the guitar riffs are amazing.  The bass line is strong – very catchy and fun; plus, the falsetto vocals in the background are out of this world.

‘Beyond The Bounds’ is a song that you can easily become addicted to, and it’s probably going to be on replay for a while.  The single is out now, and is available via Amazon, iTunes and Google Play.

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