Virgin Suicide – Madonna (2018)

Image credit to Cecilie Castor Von Spreckelsen

Virgin Suicide, a Nordic group from Denmark, recently released their new single, ‘Madonna’.  The band embraces the genre of indie pop in their music, while still making room for a retro vibe.

The song begins with two drum beats, then dives right into an exciting and fun tune.  The song has the upbeat rhythm of a pop song, but the instruments and vocals make it alternative.  The chorus is distinguished only by its quieter and slower beat, but the same tune carries throughout the entirety of the song. The song is a battle between the lyrics and the instruments, with both being as important and strong as the other.  I think this is a really interesting take to the song as usually, one element is dominant.

For me, ‘Madonna’ is about losing your virginity.  The boy asks the girl to let him be the one she loses her virginity to, hoping that she will accept.  It’s referred to as a ‘virgin suicide’ because she is saying goodbye to her virginity and everything she used to be.  He wants to be a part of letting go of her old self and make room for her new self.  I think this song is different and keeps the idea of sex as an exciting and fun idea, no strings attached.

For more from Virgin Suicide, visit their Facebook or YouTube.

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