Diascia – No One (2020)

Diascia is a South African born dark pop artist based in London with music flowing through her body. Not only does she write her own music, she composes for video games and writes novels. Her creativity takes her music to new heights with raw storytelling.

Diascia’s debut single ‘No One’ captures the influence of cinematic pop while blending it with modern beats. It is an insight into the thoughts of a girl who can’t seem to get out of her mind and into the real world. The track is a sign of things to come in her first EP which is expected this year.

‘No One’ opens with dreamy tones before Diascia’s vocals pull you in. The smooth vocals in the track grip you from the first sound and meld perfectly with the music. There is a clear cinematic vibe to the song and is reminiscent of Lana del Ray.

The lyrics add a dramatic flair to the track while keeping a dark and mysterious tone to the music. There is a raw emotional quality to the lyrics and vocals that help you engage with the single.

‘No One’ is a dark and dramatic track from Diascia full of cinematic scores, dreamy vocals and modern beats. The song is able to transport you into the feelings of the subject and lets you connect with them. The track pulls you in from the opening notes and keeps you hooked for all four minutes.

Find out more about Diascia on her website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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