Paul Francis Wilkie – Edie (2020)

Hailing from Scotland, Paul Francis Wilkie has been making music with drummer Martin Johnston for years. Many of these tracks stayed as demos on his computer, but his new release ‘Edie’ is not one of them. Instead, it is a song honouring his cat Edie who was sadly run over by a car.

Edie, and her sister Mabel, were rescued from a bin as kittens and lived with Wilkie in his Glasgow flat and later his house by the sea. ‘Edie’ is about more than the cat and celebrates the life that we all have and forget to make the most of while we can.

Based on the background of the track, ‘Edie’ has a different sound than you might imagine. The song is drum and guitar-heavy with a rhythm that you need to move to. While ‘Edie’ is an instrumental single, you can feel everything Wilkie wants to portray in the song.

You don’t need to know the background of the song to enjoy it. While the instruments celebrate life, there is a note to them driving you to something more. It is almost like the music is telling you there is something you could be forgetting or something that you need to see just around the corner.

‘Edie’ by Paul Francis Wilkie is a great instrumental tribute to life and how we can forget to make the most of it. While the track was inspired by the death of his cat Edie, it transcends these roots growing into something more.

Find out more about Paul Francis Wilkie on his website, Facebook, Twitter and Spotify.

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