Brendan Lane – Magic (2021)

Taking a step back from rock guitars and blues harmonica, ‘Magic’ by Brendan Lane swaps them for an acoustic guitar. Through the acoustic melodics, the single delves deep into nostalgic vibes and sombre tones. A tender love song, it follows on from the funky pop of his last release and showcases his versatility.

Themes of love, loss and adventure fill his music while he brings a reflection on life that truly touches the heart. Lane started out on the street corners and cafes of Washington before booking regular performances at clubs. With his band, Brendan Lane & The Sugar Packets, he has amazed audiences across the world and is building a dedicated fanbase.

‘Magic’ twinkles gently to life with soft waves of light tones. The opening of the track is like the first breaths of the morning as the sun rises. This transitions into the acoustic guitar beautifully for a tender movement. The stripped-back melody is touching as it has you sinking into the emotions of the song. There is a touch of nostalgia in the music that has your mind flying into good memories. This is tempered by the touchingly soulful piano line that enters. The piano line brings a sombre note while glinting light against the guitar.

Against the tender backdrop of the melody, Lane’s vocals are emotive and tug at your heart. There is a feeling of smiling in his performance as he reminisces about times past. The lyrics are a touching love song that fills you with the warmth of affection. His voice wraps around the instrumentation for an enthralling listening experience. As the song progresses, his vocals gain power to rip through your chest with their emotive hits. This is easily a song that you can have on repeat and listen to at any time.

Brendan Lane touches your soul with the stripped-back melodics and soulful vocals of ‘Magic’. The melody is tender and light while his vocals soar with emotion. Through the single, he fills you with the warmth of love while dipping into nostalgia and memories of happy times.

Find out more about Brendan Lane on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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