Die Silberfische – Vorsicht! Die Silberfische Kommen (2020)

Die Silberfische is a German rock band coming out of Aachen. While the band is relatively young, having formed in 2018, it is full of experienced members Rocki Summer, Spike Glubber, Micki and Tommi. All the members have known each other and some have played together over the last 30 years. The band is now ready to unleash their new album Vorsicht! Die Silberfische Kommen.

The album is in German which could be off-putting for some people. However, the inspiration is the impact of living in cities and mass media on people which transcends simple language barriers. Their raw and unique sound pierces through you and connects you to the meaning of their songs whether you speak German or not.

The album starts with ‘Intro’ which hits you with some heavy guitars from the first moment. It is a great opening to the album and lets you get into the vibe of the band. Beneath the melodic guitars are these electronic zings that really add something special to the track. While instrumental, the song gets you into the mood and is a lot of fun to listen to.

‘Keine Hoffnung’ draws you in with a driving melody and this really great beat. The vocals are smooth and use harmonisation to create this wonderful light echo effect. The melody has this light 80s vibe to it that is wonderfully at odds with the driving rock of the vocals. This catchy track will have you singing along to the chorus.

‘Walkman’ has a harder rock beat to it while retaining some of the fun vibes from the last track. It makes you think about the days when you used to listen to music on a Walkman. The upbeat melody of this track makes you want to move to the beat. There is something frantic to this track that translates into a frenetic energy that you can’t help but get caught up in.

‘Kacke’ has a completely different vibe to it. You do not have to understand the words of the track to know that it is a reprimand of the way the world currently is. The rebuke combined with the retro tone of the track makes it really interesting to listen to. The catchiness of the other tracks is clear on this song and you may find yourself singing along.

‘Berliner’ has this retro video game vibe to it. The melody is reminiscent of those old arcade games with the zipping electronic lines that get you into the game. The vocals have this echoing feeling to them that almost makes it sound like they are over a loudspeaker. There are a few elements in this song that are working together to get you into the vibe.

‘Hirn Verloren’ has a great synth opening that leads you to the fast vocals. The vocal performance has this wonderful soaring feeling to them that makes them a great top layer to the song. This track brings back the frantic energy felt in ‘Walkman’. There is also something almost imploring in the vocals that adds a little something to the track.

‘Riesige Roboter’ opens with a deeper rock beat that gives way slightly to the retro note of the album. This song is a fun but interesting look at how robots are everywhere and taking over the world. The robot theme to this track is included wonderfully through the electronic and robotic sounding notes.  

Die Silberfische live

‘Betonklotz’ is the start of the album’s B-side. You can hear the different tone the song takes compared to the upbeat and frenetic A-side. There is something dystopic about the melody of this track as it makes you feel like something is hiding in the dark. The warbling vocals add to this feeling, but it is all so skillfully executed making the song a blast to listen to.

‘Schaufensterpuppen’ continues the darker vibe of the album. While not as ominous as the last track, there is something eerie about it. The vocals add to this as there is something in the undertone of the performance. If this song were in a movie, it would be that moment when you realise something is wrong in the town.  

‘Extrawurst’ has this really interesting opening that is almost like a creepy circus. The beat of this track gets your foot tapping. The vocals are fun to listen to as they match the melody in the rise and fall. There are moments when the vocals call out over the melody that is strangely wonderful to listen to.

‘Silberfische’ has the retro feel of the A-side, but there is a darker undertone to it. The melody is also not as upbeat while the vocals add a slower note to the track. The performance has this hint of anxiety to it and makes you nervous about what is going to happen. There are a few movements in the vocals that add a little something to the song.

The last track is ‘Technik’ which draws you in with some deep synths and warbling notes. There is a beat to this track that catches you and does not let up. The guitars add a rock note to it while the vocals are again a little dystopic. The song looks at technology and you can hear this through the different vocal elements being used.

Die Silberfische transcends the language barrier with their future-retro vibe in Vorsicht! Die Silberfische Kommen. The album is fun to listen to with different tones on the A and B-sides. Each track gets you moving to the beat and paints a futuristic picture that is often dystopic in nature.

Find out more about Die Silberfische on their website, Facebook and Spotify.

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