Laura Valentine – Falling For You (2021)

There are times when all you need is a straightforward feel-good pop song. This is what Laura Valentine offers with her latest single ‘Falling For You’. While the single could fall into the class of cliched love songs, there is an LGBT twist that takes it in a new direction. Offering a queer love story with a happy ending, the single looks at a romance between two women through the lens of pop goodness.

The inspiration for the single came while Valentine was writing her final dissertation for her music degree. The overall lack of LGBT representation in the music industry led her to create the voice she has always craved. Hitting out with a mainstream sound, he created a real earworm that has a lot more depth than the average love song.

‘Falling For You’ hits you with the pop song vibes from the first moment. There is a combination of shuffling beats and light tones that are a staple of love songs. The flow of the music is familiar, but there is a unique arrangement that makes the melody easy to fall into while offering you something new. There is a soft feeling to the music that is full of wonder tinged with a slight sense of anxiety.

Valentine’s voice is feather-light as she lays out the story of the lyrics. The distinctive queer take to the lyrics is wonderful because of the lack of representation. Her honesty performance draws you into the emotions of the track making them relatable whether you’re part of the LGBT community or not. The movement of her vocals combined with the lyrics creates a catchy dream-pop single that you will want to sing along to.

Laura Valentine fills you with the good emotions of falling in love with the aptly titled ‘Falling For You’. The pop soundscape is soft and easy while her vocals take you through the story of falling in love and the anxiety this can bring. The queer take to the lyrics is wonderful as it creates representation for those who have been ignored by the music industry for a long time.

Find out more about Laura Valentine on her Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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