Heren Wolf – Empire (2020)

There are times when profound desolation takes over and you are left floating in a sense of general apathy to life. This is something that Heren Wolf has experienced and works through in his new single ‘Empire’. It looks at the annihilating sorrow that emotionally paralyses you. Based on the idea that even the most magnificent empires are bound to perish at some point, the single considers the fragility of life and the irony of living with devastating sorrow.

Transforming trauma and grief into a cinematic soundscape is not a new venture for Wolf. Since 2018, he has been selling out shows and helping people work through their emotions. While he uses his personal experiences, his ability to turn tragedy into something beautiful helps to bolster your spirits.

Heren Wolf’s vocals draw you into ‘Empire’ from the first second. His performance has a gentle cadence to it that portrays the depths of the emotions of the track. There is a raw emotion in his vocals that sends shivers down you as he draws you further into the song. You can also hear the pain within his performance as he hits the higher notes. There is something gripping about his vocals that make you focus on them and you can’t stop listening to them. While he cuts you deep with the darker emotions of the track, there is this hint of hope at the end as things start to get a little lighter.

The vocals are the primary focus of this track with the melody being a light undertone. While this is the case, the melody does add this wonderful misty flow to the single. It is full of these light piano notes and ethereal tones that take you to a cool mountain top. There is a slight swell to the melody that matches the choral backings later in the track to further rock your core. The drums at the end of the track give this almost marching vibe to the song that makes you feel like you are heading to something good.

Heren Wolf takes you on an emotional rollercoaster of desolation, sorrow and pain in ‘Empire’. While sweeping your senses with paralysing depression, he does offer you some hope that you can get through things. Using his usual flair for working through trauma, he leaves you feeling somewhat lighter by the end of the track.

Find out more about Heren Wolf on his Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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