Disco Lizards – Ride Ride Ride (2020)

Are you looking for a new album to listen to that is packed with energetic vibes, tender moments and choruses you just have to sing along to? Well, look no further than Ride Ride Ride by Disco Lizards. This debut album draws on late 60s and early 70s rock and psychedelia then adds a touch of modern indie rock for good measure. Each track is unique and will have you moving to the groove of the band.

This energetic album has been 2 years in the making since band frontman Matt came up with the concept. While working on the album, the Hackney band has been releasing singles since inception in 2018. If the album grabs you, it is also available on vinyl.

The album opens with ‘Come On’ which hits you with the energy of the band from the first moment. The drums get your head moving while the guitar fills you with frantic energy. You can hear the retro influence in the music, but there is a new youthful energy to the vocals. This song really gets you into the vibe of the album and makes you want to jump around.

‘I Heard You Crying’ has a different vibe to it with a deeper melody that hits you low in the chest. There is a rockier feeling to the music that draws more on garage rock. The vocals compliment the deeper melody with a more grounded performance. While grounded, there is still an infectious energy to the music. You don’t want to jump around to it, but you are still compelled to move and get down to the track. The interplay between the vocals and guitar lines is wonderful and really weaves the song together.

The rolling beats of ‘Magic Pill’ give way to a soaring guitar line that you tumble down. There is a modern feeling to the music as it sheds some of the retro vibes of the first two tracks. The wavy flow of the vocals makes this song a lot of fun which matches the lyrics. There is an edge of psychedelia in the lyrics, but this does not hit very hard in the melody. This is a very fun song that you can listen to with a smile on your face.

The title track ‘Ride Ride Ride’ hits you with a running energy from the first guitar line. The lyrics and style of this track would make it the perfect song to play on a road trip as you fly down a highway with the windows down. There is a wild feeling to the guitars as they melodically soar only to fill you with a frenetic energy that shakes your insides. The movement between smooth melodic sailing and shivering energy is intense but just makes the track even better.

‘The Doctor’ has a softer opening that lets you relax a little after the lively energy of the other tracks. There is an almost surf sound to the opening of the track, but this gives way to an easy rock vibe. The soaring guitar line in the background threads through the vocals and makes you think about warm days. However, the lyrics change the entire vibe when you really listen as they have you listing away on a sedative wave.

Disco Lizards

The next track is ‘She’s On My Mind’ which brings back the lively energy with a thumping guitar line. The smooth verses of the track give way to a pumping chorus that you want to sing along to. The movement of the melody is really interesting and has your shoulders moving to it before you realise. If you don’t have the urge to jump and shake on the chorus, you are not playing the song loud enough. There is too much energy in the music to be contained.

‘What Are You Waiting For?’ has a slightly more traditional drum opening that leads you to rolling guitar riffs. This track takes you back to the indie rock sounds of earlier with more grounded vocals and understated energy. There is a sense of searching and questioning in the vocals that perfectly matches the lyrics. While the song does not have the same vibrating energy as other tracks on the album, there is something about it that really sticks with you.

The guitar line that opens ‘Not Listening’ has you flying before the drop for the verse. The retro vibes are back with this song as you are filled with the energy of easy early 70s rock. Between the flying guitars and soaring vocals, you can’t help floating into the atmosphere with the track. There is a hazy feeling that fills your chest when listening to the track that makes you smile.

‘My Friends’ draws you in with acoustic guitars and vulnerable vocals. This track offers the most intimate feeling of the album while using a melodic style that is completely new. The light piano lines are interwoven with the guitars and a light floating tone. The inclusion of this track really shows the versatility of the band and what they are able to do. As the song progresses, the music has you soaring over the ground and zooming through the clouds. You are going to find yourself singing along at some point.

The album ends with ‘Blue Ticks’ which uses an interesting opening to grab your attention. The acoustic guitar offers a beach vibe to the melody, but the vocals are all indie rock. The flow of the music is easy and lets you down gently after the lively ups and downs of the music. There is a tender yet annoyed feeling to the track that captures the messaging of the lyrics.

Disco Lizards swing from frantic energy to intimate contemplations in their debut album Ride Ride Ride. Each track offers a different energy while showcasing what the band has to offer. The versatility and boundless vibrance of the band are clear in each note and will have you smiling and singing along.

Find out more about Disco Lizards on their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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