Jack Panther – If I Was (2021)

Drawing together elements of hip-hop and indie-pop atop synth-driven melodies, we might be able to label Jack Panther as part of the alt-pop genre. The thing is there’s a uniqueness to his diverse sound that makes it almost impossible to adequately categories his music. Using personal insights to explore darker areas of existence, the New Zealand-based artist connects with people in the gritty parts of life. One of the more recent additions to his well-received discography is ‘If I Was’.

Recorded and produced by the up-and-coming IPSY, ‘If I Was’ is currently one of Panther’s moodier tracks off the upcoming project why don’t you come over? Co-written with Mckenzie Corner, the single delves into the world of fantasy where we leave the workplace and lose sight of reality in a beautiful bubble of nothingness. Panther shares that “…I was exhausted working in hospitality. The track just rolled off my tongue; it’s a daydream of giving up on work and getting stoned all day instead. I wrote it as a way to empower myself to get through that slump.”

Using a personal narrative, Panther effortlessly sets the scene for his smoky tale of release. Distorted synths underlie his bold vocals adding an intimate element to the theme of sitting back and losing yourself in the moment. True, this moment isn’t exactly that of pure love or blissful events; instead, it focuses on the liberating effect of dwelling in a fantasy world however harsh the experience.

In a sonic bubble of haziness and disillusion, ‘If I Was’ is a kaleidoscopic soundscape of eclectic sound. It’s like being on an acid trip but without the acid. ‘If I Was’ will be closely followed by the second single off why don’t you come over? ‘Feels Right’ – I wonder what this will sound like.

For more from Jack Panther, check out his official website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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