DMC – Searching (2020)

Bouncing back from heartbreak can often be easier said than done. The resilience needed to do this forms the basis of ‘Searching’, the latest single from DMC. While looking at bouncing back, the single also considers the continued search for love despite the setback created by a previous failed relationship. Relatable and catchy, the song deals with struggles and hope.

Using a snappy beat and melodic vocals, DMC lays down his own brand of music. While continuing to introduce audiences to his sound, DMC draws on the influence of emo-rap pioneers including Juice Wrld and All Day. The soundscape of this single is also enhanced by the production skills of Sydney’s Delipres.

‘Searching’ has a shimmery opening that catches your attention and leads you into the single. There is a wonderful depth to the melody that continues the shimmering of the opening while forming a solid melodic flow. The depth is rather understated which actually makes the melody even more effective. It lays at the perfect level to captivate you but does not become overwhelming or overtake the vocals. There are various elements working together to form the melody.

DMC’s vocals have a great melodic flow to them as they rest over the melody. Through his performance, you are drawn into the emotions of the track. He fills you with a sense of sadness over what used to be, but this turns into something hopeful that there is a chance for love in the future. It is a very motivational single that will help anyone who is suffering from a broken heart to pick up the pieces and move on.

DMC takes you on a quest for love and fills you with the resilience to overcome heartbreak in ‘Searching’. The single has a wonderful melodic flow full of shimmering lines and deep tones. The vocals are smooth and flow through you with perfection.

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