Doc Fischbach – Finally Free (2022)

Abusive and toxic relationships can make you feel that you are unable to do things on your own, making it harder to leave them. Fortunately, Doc Fischbach is here to give you the boost and confidence you need with his single ‘Finally Free’. Written on the day he became free from an abusive relationship, the single is packed to the brim with empowerment and positive vibes.

Through the track, he fills you with the strength to break the last bits of control someone has over you and feel the freedom that follows. Music is something that has been entrenched in his life since he started singing at age three. Just over three years ago, he taught himself to play the piano and has since played at Hard Rock in Denver and been featured on radio in East London.

‘Finally Free’ uses a sweeping movement that captures you in the feeling of awakening that fills the opening. The piano line is rich as it calls out against this awakening. Each note from the piano has a sense of inner strength and empowerment that bolsters the vocals. As the music moves toward the chorus, you can feel a build-up to the sweep of empowerment that blossoms into positive vibes. It is a wonderfully touching movement that encourages you to embrace the strength you have within. As the single progresses, there are lighter notes that sparkle and glitter like dew in the early morning. This brings a new beauty to the single that merges with the empowerment and adds a new line of strength.

While the melody is packed with encouragement, empowerment and positive vibes, the vocals take us through an emotive tale. Fischbach offers up a vulnerable, honest and raw emotional tale of toxic relationships and the insecurity they can bring. Through the opening verse, he taps into the negative emotions that come in these relationships, tinged with an understanding that you lose something of yourself at these times. These negative aspects form chains through the lyrics that he breaks free from in the chorus and he takes us all along for the ride. His performance is stunning as he fills you with the brilliant energy of freedom and the acknowledgement of your inner strength.

Doc Fischbach uses vulnerable, honest and raw emotions to fill ‘Finally Free’ with empowerment and positive vibes. Through the single, he acknowledges the negative strain toxic relationships have on people, before encouraging those in these relationships to break free. Using a personal touch, he brings the emotion of the track to tender light, while ensuring that every listener knows they have the inner strength required to break free.

Find out more about Doc Fischbach on his website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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