Dom Clark – Replica (2020)

Facing two months of Covid-19 lockdown isolation can be stressful for most people, but Dom Clark used this time in the best way possible. Armed with his voice and an empty recording studio (The Mustard Seed), Clark seized this opportunity to record music without any normal daily distractions. After completing and releasing the Dom Clark Trio’s band tracks, ‘Castaway’ and ‘The Exception’, Clark worked on his solo singles ‘Meditation’ and ‘Replica’.

I’m sure you’re wondering how this multi-instrumentalist came to be in the music industry? Here’s some quick background information: Clark entered the music world as part of a brass band winning solo competitions before leaving at age 15. After growing out his hair and learning to play the guitar, Clark teamed up with two school friends to form an indie-jazz group called The Panda Gang (later known as the BDIs). Three albums later, the band dissolved and Clark began performing as a solo singer. In 2017 the Dom Clark Trio was formed and the rest, as they say, is history. The latest addition to his solo discography is ‘Replica’.

Following his single ‘Meditation’, ‘Replica’ is Clark’s second single from his lockdown sessions. For some odd reason, the track immediately reminded my of the 1999 track ‘Smooth’ by Rob Thomas and Santana…but only for a moment. Once Clark’s languid and distinctive vocals begin, Rob Thomas is knocked out of my mind. While the lyricism is sombre, the combination between his moving vocals and laidback instrumentation makes it far more pleasing. Funky and fun, Clark embraces both his brass band roots (with the introduction of trumpet) and admirable guitar skills in just over four minutes of catchy, toe-tapping music. I said in a previous review that this artist was set for stardom; with his Santana-esque finger-picking and delightful voice, I have no doubt in my mind that Clark will be playing with iconic guitarists very soon.

For more from Dom Clark check out his official website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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