Track of the Day: Namasakẽ – You’re As Bad As The People That Built This Place

One day, not too long ago, five young lads met at Falmouth University while completing their Music Technology And Graphic Design courses. With a love for music and a need to share their lovely sound with the world, Jack Barry (vocals), Jack Tasker (guitar), James Ross (guitar), Ed Avery (bass) and Tom Rule (drums) came together to form Namasakẽ

Referring to themselves as “five absolute legends invading your ear space with big meaty tunes”, Namasakẽ have some major coverage behind their name. Performing at notable venues and independent artist events, such as the O2 Islington, Focus Wales, This Feeling and Saviour Management show (with Victory Lane), the UK-based fivesome are making a splash on the indie music scene. The latest addition to their repertoire is ‘You’re As Bad As The People That Built This Place’.

A follow-up to their debut single ‘That Seagull Has Nothing On Me’, ‘You’re As Bad As The People That Built This Place’ is an edgy post-emo punk band. Self-recorded and mixed, with the exception of drums at Big Smoke Studio and mastering by Grant Berry, this single has an air of sophistication exceeding the group’s young age.

Touching on issues of depression and disillusionment, Namasakẽ take a moving stance on so sombre an issue. Reminiscent of Radiohead and The Verve, Namasakẽ embrace the indie-rock scene of the 90s but add their own 21st-century emo twist to it. While the lads demonstrate powerful and dynamic instrumentation, it is Barry’s vocals that won my heart. Bold, warm and endearing, but with a tinge of desperation and helplessness, Barry really brings home the message and raw honesty of ‘You’re As Bad As The People That Built This Place’.

For more from Namasakẽ check out their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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