Dom Malin – Cold Feet (2022)

Dom Malin led us through a powerful connection to the complexities of human nature in ‘Yesterday’s Love’ after the dramatic emotions of ‘Drama’. He is now delving into the emotions linked to rejection and the feeling that you are never good enough in ‘Cold Feet’. Through the lyrics, he considers feeling replaced by someone else after you have given everything to a person you thought was as committed as you were.

As he dives into the rejection and sadness, there is a juxtaposition of emotion through the rhythm and melody. Through the layering of the track, he brings the bad to light only to soften it with the inspiration that can come from the darkness. Continuing to bring a touch of folk to pop, the acoustic tones of this single add to the power of the emotional hit.

‘Cold Feet’ sweeps you into stomping beats with a gentle acoustic guitar tone delicately riding the movements. It is a wonderful contrast of sound that hits you from the first moment of the single. The deep beats get you bopping while the acoustic guitar brings a wash of melancholic folk. The layering of these two instruments is wonderful before another guitar line enters with an emotive twang. There is a rather expansive feeling to the melody at times as the sound rises like the sparking embers of a bonfire rising into the night air.

While the melody draws you into the single, it is Malin’s vocals that are the real star of the show. His voice has a tender feeling to it as he enters the single. His performance is packed with sad emotions as he details a partner leaving for someone else. There is an unexpected touch to the experience that really tugs at your heartstrings. As the melody sparks, his vocals ride the warm air currents. While it is possible to take the single at face value and soak in the heartbreak of the lyrics, there is a touch of upliftment that comes later. This comes through the vocals that shine against the moving movement of the music as it rises and gives you the sense that things may be better with the relationship ending.

Dom Malin tackles rejection and never feeling good enough with the moving tones of ‘Cold Feet’ which rise into the night sky like sparking fire embers. The music layers stomping beats and acoustic guitar notes to create a depth of melodic emotion. His vocals draw you into the story of the single while filling you with the contrast of heartbreak and the knowledge that the relationship ending may be for the best.

Find out more about Dom Malin on his website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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