Dom Malin – Drama (2021)

With a tongue-in-cheek vibe, Dom Malin is taking on the feeling of regret when moving on too quickly from a past relationship. Inspired by the marital affair in The Marvellous Mrs Maisel, ‘Drama’ nods at the Ross and Rachel break moment in Friends. Showcasing his multifaceted musical talents, he has you riding the emotions of the song while smiling at the slightly cheeky lyrics.

With an expressive songwriting style, Malin is able to stir emotions and drop you into the stories he has to tell. He started honing his musical skills when he got his first electric guitar and continued sharpening them by gaining a degree in Music. Touching on the satirical, this amusing single is a wonder to listen to.

Malin’s vocals open ‘Drama’ with a quiet confession. His soothing vocals effortlessly pull you into the story of the lyrics before he swings into a questioning of what he has done on the chorus. There are a lot of emotions woven into his performance from the confession to regret over what has happened and acknowledgement of the hurt he has caused. As the song progresses, there is a moment of frustration as he questions why he is being blamed for everything. This rollercoaster of emotion is wonderful as the lyrics pull on relatable experiences.

Under the emotive vocals is a gentle melody. The acoustic guitar drives the melody while the clapping beats add a flicker of light to the music. There is a really great flow to the music that bolsters the lyrics in a rather subtle way. There are a few layers to the melody that come and go throughout the single adding depth to it. While it seems relatively simple, the melody is the perfect accompaniment to the vocals.

Dom Malin pulls on relatable experiences and dramatic TV moments for the single ‘Drama’. His vocals are the highlights of the single as they effortlessly draw you into the emotions of the story in the lyrics. The melody bolsters his vocals while adding a steady foundation to rest on.

Find out more about Dom Malin on his website, Instagram and Spotify.

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