KAYBLE – Into the Nightmare (2021)

KAYBLE thrusts you into a nightmare soundscape with his aptly titled debut solo single ‘Into the Nightmare’. Breathing fresh life into the alternative horror genre, he artfully crafts a nightmarish experience full of darkness and despair. While dipping into these dark emotions, he takes aim at the fear and paranoia of today’s world.

This expertly crafted nightmare experience comes from Ben Kay, the former frontman of Kaleido Bay. Using his solo music, Kay experiments and expands his songwriting while unleashing his musical potential. Taking the experience he gained fronting a band, he wraps it around this self-recorded and self-produced single.

‘Into the Nightmare’ is all drama in the opening with a rather creeping gothic tone. The melody is like a twilight march into a monsters den. The music is rich in imagery as it makes you think of branches reaching out to grab your clothing as you walk through a dark forest. The nightmarish soundscape is very carefully crafted to creep up on you and make you tense with the feeling of being watched. This is the perfect sonic representation of literal nightmares as the tension builds over time and gets your heart racing.

The dramatic tones of the melody allow the vocals to rest around you like mist that chills your skin. Kay’s vocals carry the same gothic edge as the music as it rises into haunting falsettos. As his performance continues to fill you with ominous vibes, the lyrics are a plea for something better than what is being experienced. The harmonising vocals are utterly captivating and enthralling as they ghost through the soundscape adding to the otherworldly feeling of the track.

KAYBLE gently leads you into the darkened forest of nightmares through the gothic tones of ‘Into the Nightmare’. The melody is all creeping darkness that tugs at your senses with the feeling of something lurking just out of your vision. The vocals add to this sensation while the lyrics plea for a reprieve.

Find out more about KAYBLE on his Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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