Dominoe – Trophy Wife (2021)

Most people have a certain idea when they think about a trophy wife. This is something that dominoe is turning on its head for her upbeat synth-pop single ‘Trophy Wife’. Through the infectious tones of the track, you are taken into dreams of beach vacations, fast cars and designer clothing. The twist is where the money for all of this comes from as it skews the traditional thoughts of trophy partners into something more modern.

While dominoe grew up playing classical piano and clarinet, her songs draw more on her interest in pop and electronic music. By blending her classical foundation with a passion for pop, she has created a unique sound that brings the messaging of her music to glorious life. She also explores different styles to create new movements that keep you enthralled.

‘Trophy Wife’ has a wonderfully playful feeling to the melody as it shimmers against your ears. There is a glinting feeling to the high tones as they twinkle against the electronic undertones. The use of revving cars throughout the single is an interesting addition but just adds a little something to the lyrics. While there are a few layers to the melody, they come together in a way that makes the music seem relatively minimalistic.

Over the glittering melody rests dominoe’s vocals which draw you into the story of the lyrics. While there is a really upbeat feeling to her vocals, she tempers it with a smooth melodic flow. The lyrics are a lot of fun to listen to as she completely turns the idea of the trophy wife. Through the song, you are introduced to the modern trophy wife who has all the money and is enjoying it with some arm candy. While hitting out at society, she also brings a sense of empowerment.

Through the upbeat vibes of ‘Trophy Wife’, dominoe turns societal concepts on their head while getting you bouncing to her beats. The melody has a sparkle and twinkle to it that is a lot of fun to listen to and brings a playfulness to the track. The vocals are smooth in their melodic movement while telling a story that everyone should hear.

Find out more about dominoe on her Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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