Waking April – Stuck on Silver Linings (2021)

The last year has put everyone through the wringer and left us with some conflicting emotions. With their single ‘Stuck on Silver Linings’, Waking April try to make sense of it all. Touching on two aspects of emotions brought about by the pandemic, they consider the fatigue of looking for the bright side and the positivity of seeing others make the most of the situation.

While asking some hard questions in the lyrics, the electro-pop duo embraces an honesty and vulnerability. Bethany and Alex McKee started writing music together in college and played shows whenever they could. When the pandemic shut everything down, they took the chance for introspection and made music that reflects this.

‘Stuck on Silver Linings’ pulses to life with a bright feeling through the synths. The deep beats resting in the low levels are an amazing counter to the brightness. There is a dancing feeling to the song when the clapping tones enter that makes you want to clap along to them. The brightness of the melody is very uplifting as it lightens the load that sits on your shoulders while the vocals touch on the emotions we have all faced.

Bethany’s vocals have a questioning feeling in her performance before tempering it with a fatigue that we have all felt in the last year. This duality of emotion comes to a wonderful head on the chorus. As you rise with her stunning performance, you question how people have been productive before realising that looking for the silver lining is becoming tiring. This is all set to a really catchy movement in the chorus that makes you want to sing along. The vocal performance dances across the beats of the melody to draw you toward the brightness for a positive ending to the track.

Waking April bring the fatigue of constantly looking for the good in the last year to the wonder of the productivity of others in ‘Stuck on Silver Linings’. The brightness of the melody bounces the dancing feeling of the vocals. The lyrics ask some hard questions while encouraging you to move to something positive at the end.

Find out more about Waking April on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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