The Qwarks – Terrible Boo Boo (2021)

With a psychedelic twist and some really catchy melodics, The Qwarks are embracing the potential for freedom that is present in every moment. ‘Terrible Boo Boo’ is a wistful appreciation of this potential wrapped around an engaging story of a monkey escaping a zoo and getting the train to Brighton, UK. Complete with a hint of nostalgia, the single will have you grasping for the freedom that every moment of every day contains.

Forming under lockdown conditions, Phil Johnstone (vocals, guitar), Simon Young (bass) and Nick Flowers (drums) are steadily building up to their debut album release. Bringing a blended mixture of garage and psychedelic rock to listeners, they burst out of the restrictions that contain us all.

‘Terrible Boo Boo’ has a really engaging melody that brings an almost unreal feeling to your brain. There is a nostalgic vibe riding the middle layers of the track that weave around a surf feeling. Through the music, you feel the warmth of summer at the beach and the tendrils of freedom grasping at your chest. It really is a very infectious melody as the guitars call to each other and almost shake their head at the story of the lyrics.

The fun and warm vibes of the melody are enhanced by the really entertaining lyrics. The story of the monkey running to Brighton is really wonderful while touching on something much deeper. The deeper meaning to the song really comes through on the chorus as you are urged to be free for a day. The lyrics are likely to get stuck in your head and you will think about that monkey at random times after listening to the track. By the end of the single, you will feel light from the playfulness of the lyrics while wanting to grasp the freedom we all have at our fingertips.

The Qwarks fill your senses with catchy lyrics, psychedelic tones and warm wisps of freedom with ‘Terrible Boo Boo’. This song is really too much fun and has the ability to lift your spirits whenever you hear it. The story of the lyrics has a delightful feeling of reality while still being a little ridiculous and drive the deeper message of the track home quite subtly.

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