Don Broco – You Wanna Know (2013)


Screamo is shit.  Bands who have toured with Don Broco at one stage or another, such as Kids in Glass Houses, Mayday Parade, Billy Talent or The Used – give me the most ungodly of cramps in my fuckin’ balls.

When I listen to screamo I feel like stabbing my eyes out with a clutch pencil.  I would rather swallow bleach and broken glass.  The people who make that music belong in a McDonald’s uniform – and not on counter either.  In the fuckin’ kitchen, where nobody can see them.  Washing dishes.

That said – I’m probably the last person alive who should be allowed near bands like Don Broco.

But IS Don Broco screamo?  At first I didn’t want to do this review, but I figured you know what, people who review music naturally give preference to the bands or genres that they enjoy.  Why should a Don Broco fan do this review?  Why not get it from somebody who isn’t going to sugarcoat it, why not get it from the OTHER side?

Let’s dig in.

I don’t know Don Broco… but I do know that the English four-piece have had a hell of a good year.  Their debut album Priorities is doing well and they’re raking in the fans by the minute.  Their tours are selling out completely, so perhaps there is something to be said.

‘You Wanna Know’ is the first song released since their debut album, and I must admit it’s pretty damn catchy after a couple of listens.  The riffs are solid and the bass line is pretty funky.  The vocals, though I’m still not a fan ARE quite infectious.  The lyrics, however, are my only big criticism… they sound like schoolboys singing:  “You liked getting laid/ and it’s not like you laid all of your cards out/ face up on the table.”


That about sums it up for me.  A single like this will by no means make somebody like me a fan overnight, but it will lead me to actually pick Priorities up and give it a listen.  IS Don Broco screamo?  Little bit… but ‘You Wanna Know’ proves that there is a lot more to them than that.

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