Dorian – Reign Love (2022)

Dorian has been passionately pouring himself into his music from his first release and continues to do so with ‘Reign Love’. Defying all genres and moulding a sound that cannot be pigeon-holed, he tells his story while resonating with listeners. Bold, authentic and uplifting, his music makes you believe that the impossible is possible and that you can achieve anything you dream of.

With this single, he is fusing alternative RnB with contemporary pop for a slick sound that captures your imagination. Not only will this single cement his place in the hearts of anyone who loves genre-defying music, but it also kicks off the relaunch of the upcoming Dream Would Deluxe Album. If you are looking for music that is packed with heart and authenticity, Dorian is the artist you should be following.

The progressive tones that fill the opening of ‘Reign Love’ have you twirling into the single. Some delightfully slick RnB beats have you tumbling into the body of the track that gets your feet tapping to the rhythm. Tittering tones skip across your ears leading you further into the colourful rain of the melody. Each note is like a bright shard of colour that mists down on your skin leaving you soaking up the smooth rhythm. It is an undeniably indulgent melody that you want to sink into. There is a heavy touch of alternative RnB in the melody, but the lower driving force has an alternative pop edge. The combination of styles and sounds is masterful as they form a solid movement that slides with the vocals. Later in the track, the use of rain sounds adds to the imagery the music has brought to your mind.

As you indulge in the rich rain of colourful light that packed the melody, Dorian’s vocals enter with a light bounce to the delivery. The pace of the vocals pushes you forward into the music before he slides into a rich RnB flow. As with the melody, his performance is a delightful combination of influences, genres and styles. The paced touch of the opening track flows into a rich RnB melodic flow that is packed with emotion. The emotions he infuses into the lyrics are so authentic that you feel like they are your own. The lyrics do touch on the imagery brought to life in the melody soaking you in the affection and love of the track.

Through the authentic emotions and indulgent tones of ‘Reign Love’, Dorian brings a shower of coloured rain that has you soaking up his musical prowess. The melody is an indulgent movement of RnB with a touch of driving pop tones. His vocals slide through the single to fill you with the emotions of the track leaving you feeling as if they were your own.

Find out more about Dorian on his Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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