Onyda – Waitress (2022)

The brainchild of UK-based singer-songwriter Shae Rhiannon, Onyda has been described as “a purveyor of enticing alt-pop.” Inspired by a diverse range of artists, such as Tyler The Creator and Tame Impala, listening to Onyda is like taking a swim in a kaleidoscopic sonic river. While this is my introduction to them, Onyda has featured on notable press including BBC Introducing, Radio 1, American Pancake, Analogue Trash, and several playlists. The latest addition to their well-received discography is ‘Waitress’.

Following their single ‘Mediocre’, ‘Waitress’ is a smooth, flowing and soothing melodic arrangement. An eclectic mix of percussion with drums, guitars and piano, Onyda showcases their innovativeness as an artist. As I mentioned, listening to this singer is like taking a swim in a kaleidoscopic river; however, what I didn’t mention is how the hazy ambience ensnares your senses. Yet, while the melody can effortlessly captivate you, it is the layered vocals that stir your soul.

Expertly layered and textured, Onyda’s dulcet tones are perfectly executed in a hypnotic way. Lying somewhere between Enya and Bjork, there is a haunting to their voice that sends shivers down your spine, but it still allows a warm tingle in your toes. Oddly enough, while the tune has a degree of wistful melancholia, it is the serious theme that adds a bite. What I mean is, while ‘Waitress’ touches on issues like inner conflict, turmoil and loss of control, it does not have an angsty feel.

Using a personal narrative, Onyda easily connects with listeners on a deeper level. They share that ‘Waitress’ “…is a very literal account of a time in my life that was, by all accounts, a mess. Being a young person trying to figure out who they are in this world can be a painful process…”

In addition to the single, Onyda released an official music video for ‘Waitress’. You can view it below or on their YouTube channel.

For more from Onyda check out their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.  

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