Nobody’s Wolf Child – Lost Among The Pines (2022)

Keeping us captivated with her cinematic sound, UK-based Nobody’s Wolf Child has already passed our virtual desk twice and we are yet to be disappointed. Along with us, she has received praise from Nexus Music Blog, Sinusoidal Music, Less Than 1000 Followers, Send Me Your Ears (to name just a few). I could give you a comparison of her music, but the fact is Nobody’s Wolf Child is utterly incomparable. Her uniqueness and innovativeness are what make her distinctive. Come with us as we delve into her single ‘Lost Among The Pines’.

The third in a trilogy marking the beginning of the Wolf Child’s tale, ‘Lost Among The Pines’ has a haunting eclecticism about it. Following the tracks ‘The Fall’ and ‘The Devil’s Gold’, ‘Lost Among The Pines’ is a smoother and more soothing track. Oddly enough, while there is a soothing quality to the single, the hazy ambience sends shivers down your spine. An acoustic-inspired song, Nobody’s Wolf Child uses her skilful piano to intoxicate you.

While the melodic arrangement is a harmonic blend of vocals and piano, there is a complexity in the simplistic soundscape. Perhaps this could be attributed to Nobody’s Wolf Child’s minimalist style or an alignment with the ending of the Wolf Child’s journey – all I know is it is hypnotic. A calmness descends in ‘Lost Among The Pines’ ending the trilogy in a serene way. As I mentioned, Nobody’s Wolf Child is incomparable to other artists. Her powerful vocals meld easily with a wistful melody balancing whimsy with sophistication.

Obscure, heartfelt and sincere, ‘Lost Among The Pines’ has a tenderness that is almost palpable. It’s anthemic and I would gladly have it on repeat until my neighbours start complaining about the noise. Honestly, I don’t think they would because Nobody’s Wolf Child could soothe any savage beast.

For more from Nobody’s Wolf Child check out her official website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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