Jack Tracy – Close (2022)

With his single ‘Close’, Jack Tracy is taking us back to the mid-tempo RnB hits of the 90s. While taking us back in time, he reminisces about a relationship that is held together solely through the sexual chemistry of the parties. As the single traverses well-tread territory for Tracy, he also delves deep into serious topics, including relationship problems and the effect they have on mental health.

This single continues the smooth tones that Tracy has crafted over his previous releases and the music video is being released tomorrow. After previewing the single for months at his shows, he is now unleashing the infectious sound on our ears. When he is not creating catchy music, Tracy is the founder and owner of Necessary Outlet, a production company behind several LGBTQ+ works.

‘Close’ brings a shimmy and clap to the opening that has you bopping from the first note. There is a slightly retro edge to the music, but this is tempered with a more modern feeling that slides through the sound. The light twinkling tones sparkle over a moving beat that has you swaying to its rhythm. It is a smooth melody that you can’t help but slide down. While there is a great rise of tones that sparkle through the soundscape, the melody also has a slightly subdued feeling that allows the vocals to really shine. It is an interesting arrangement that gets you moving right before it drops for a cascade of delicate bells later in the track. This movement catches you in the current of the melody and you honestly don’t want to ever leave.

As you gently move to the rhythm of the melody, Tracy’s vocals are a smooth slide of RnB and soul. There is a silkiness to his performance that slips across your senses like satin, while leaving a trail of mixed emotions in its wake. Through his performance, you are transported into a relationship that is packed with passion, but lacking the other forms of emotional depth needed to continue. Throughout the single, there is an echo to his performance that bolsters it and adds this hot splash to the track. The lyrics are introspective and really dive into serious emotions, even as the delivery makes you want to close your eyes and soak up the richness.

Jack Tracy brings some retro RnB and soul to modern tones as he reflects on a relationship built on physical connections in ‘Close’. The music perfectly combines retro and modern tones for a current of engaging sound that you are happy to get stuck in. His vocals are smooth as they trail satin across your senses while dipping into some serious topics.

Find out more about Jack Tracy on his website, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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