DORYAN – Peach (2021)

The last year has hit everyone in different ways and taken some of the joy and fun from our lives. DORYAN is here to give this back with the infectiously feel-good tones of ‘Peach’. Capturing the joy that symbolises the LGBTQ+ community, he offers a taste of Pride season and all the colourful good vibes it has to offer.

Touching on queer confidence and body positivity, it sends the negativity many have been feeling running. Pulling on the confidence of pop divas with a splash of Freddie Mercury, DORYAN fills you with the energy of the dancefloor and the joyful fun of dancing off your sorrows. Since he started writing music as a teenager, he has played a number of Pride events and festivals across Europe.

‘Peach’ pulses into your chest with some deep electronic tones that fill you with those dancefloor vibes from the first moment. There is an infectious hook to the beats that make you think of neon lights flashing across the dancefloor as you lose yourself in the music. The electronic pulses and drones of the melody are pure dance mixed with the melodic pleasures of pop. While the melody is set to get you moving, it does not overwhelm the vocals. Instead, it acts as an enhancement that sinks the pop sensibilities of the lyrics into your bones.

DORYAN’s vocals bring a whole new level of fun to the single with a cheeky edge to the lyrics. There is a delightful confidence to his performance that fills you with bright lights and makes you smile. While the lyrics are a quirky ode to the juicy fruit of the title, there is a sexy underlying flow. The combination of his cheeky vocals and the infectious beats makes this an instant dance anthem that you have to dance to. You can’t help but feel good when you listen as the sexy, fun and completely joyful tones send any bad vibes lingering around you running.

DORYAN has you smiling, dancing and having a great time to the infectious tones of ‘Peach’. With cheeky and innuendo-laced lyrics, he puts a smile on your face while the pulsing melody makes you want to hit the dancefloor. There are so many good vibes in this track that you can’t help but feel lighter after listening.

Find out more about DORYAN on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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