Drops of Indigo – The Old Town Bar (2022)

Music has an amazing ability to transport you far from your worries, while connecting people who have never met. The power of music is something that Drops of Indigo understand and pay tribute to in their single ‘The Old Town Bar’. Written in a bar in Stockholm, the single is inspired by nights spent at jam evenings, observing people, listening to their stories and seeing how the different threads of each person came together to form something beautiful.

A meeting of stories in music, the single touches on the happiness and easiness that music can provide. After the band started out as a duo, Dabbe Karlsson (vocals, guitar) and Lina Kokaas (vocals, guitar) decided to put together a full band, after releasing four songs. Mattias Söderberg (lead guitar), Annika Fritzson (keys, piano), Sara Lundberg (drums) and Adrian Keilty (bass) form the rest of the line-up and add their own artist flairs to the band’s sound.

There is a warm feeling to the opening notes of ‘The Old Town Bar’ that make you think of a cosy pub. You can feel the warmth of good company and the radiance of a fire through the movement of the music. The guitars gently flow through your senses while the keys bring a homey warmth that sinks into your bones. It is impossible to listen to this track and not feel some of the worries of the world lift from your chest. A small smile will easily make its way onto your face as you sink into the happy vibes the melody creates. Each note of the music adds to the feeling of comfort and happiness, reminding you of coming inside from a cold night.

While the melody is packed with warmth and comfort, the vocals draw you to a cosy table in a pub where you are utterly comfortable. There is a clear storytelling quality to the lyrics that allow you to perfectly picture the pub, the people in it and the feeling of warmth that sinks into your soul. Through the opening verse, the scene of the pub is set, with each verse after introducing new characters you meet there. There is a delightful sense of camaraderie woven into the performance that has you feeling like you are in this place with the band. As with the music, the vocals seem to lift worries and stress from your shoulders, while filling you with a warm ember of happiness.

Drops of Indigo use ‘The Old Town Bar’ to invite you to their table in a warm and cosy pub where you sink into happiness and comfort. The melody is warm and homely, filling your bones with comfort and happiness. The vocals fill the storytelling lyrics with camaraderie, while lifting worries and stress from your shoulders.

Find out more about Drops of Indigo on their Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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