Duchess – Gurlz (2021)

Duchess dipped into a tale of lustful desire and sensual energy with her last single ‘Breakup Sex’. Now, she is using a sparkling yet sensual soundscape to express relationship frustration in ‘Gurlz’. Drawing on her own experience of finding men complicated at times, she considers how girls know what girls like the best.

With some powerful lyricism, she drenches listeners in atmospheric tones. With a more eclectic sound, she has you moving to her rhythms while riding the waves of her emotions. Some infectious vocals bring the single to a new level while the instrumentation sparkles and shines around you. As a teaser for her upcoming debut EP, the single picks up where the last left off and has you falling further under her spell.

‘Gurlz’ pops and warbles to lift against your ears. There is a rather sultry vibe to the music while hitting you with an interesting depth. The beats have your head moving to the rhythm before the melody bursts out on the chorus. There is a great dance vibe to the music on the chorus that enhances the bounce of the vocals. The layers of the melody come together for a sparkling flow on the verses before vibrant lights burst across your eyelids on the chorus.

While the melody hooks you to the dancing vibes of the single, it is Duchess’ vocals that really make the song. Her voice has an atmospheric flow in the opening verse before picking up the dancing vibes of the music on the chorus. On the chorus, her voice gets an infusion of sass that makes you smile and want to sing along. There is a dynamic flow to her performance that rises and falls in the most delightful way. As you ride the waves of her performance, you are hit with the frustration artfully woven into the single.

Duchess has you bouncing to her vibe while letting out her frustration with a hint of sass in ‘Gurlz’. The melody is a wonderful combination of electronic pop and dance that has you grooving to her vibe while gearing you up to ride the vocals. Duchess’ vocals have a light dusting of sass on the chorus while letting all her frustrations with complicated relationships out on the verses.

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