Duchess – Breakup Sex (2020)

Duchess is a London-based singer-songwriter who is ready to start the next chapter of her musical journey. She has released five original singles and written songs for a variety of artists. Her own music draws on her own experiences and her latest single ‘Breakup Sex’ is no different.

This song is based on her experience of a relationship whose foundation was nothing more than sexual chemistry. It looks at wanting to leave the relationship, but constantly being sucked back into the sexual chemistry. The track is the first from her debut EP Bad Girl which will be out in early 2021.

‘Breakup Sex’ draws you into the sensual tones with a deep electronic beat. This gives way to sultry melody full of light synths and chest-deep beats. The melody is very catchy and makes you want to move to the beat. There is this great drive for the chorus that lightens on the verses that are ridiculously engaging.

Duchess’ vocals are powerful and swing from light to driving. The use of electronic distortion is skilfully done to drive the lyrics and message of the track. This is combined with lyrics that paint a clear picture of the lustful desires that inspired the song. The energy of the track is both dark and sultry which is a great combination when you listen to the lyrics.

‘Breakup Sex’ by Duchess drips with lustful desire and sensual energy as she takes a dark-pop look at bad relationships. The electronic beat and distortions on the track enhance her powerful vocal performance to make you want more.

Find out more about Duchess on her Facebook, Twitter and Spotify.

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