Night Talks – Overcome (2021)

Night Talks are back with their first release in four years. ‘Overcome’ brings a blast of end of summer energy to listeners and packs a serious punch of good vibes. With a sparkling melody, the single offers a fresh start and the vibrant energy that we all need right now. While packed with good vibes, the single lyrically considers the dissolution of a friendship.

Tempering good and bad through the single, Soraya Sebghati, Jacob Butler and Josh Arteaga give us a taster of their upcoming album. Whether this is the first time you have heard the band or you are a fan already, the balancing of the single will have you coming back for more. With an ethos of making music that you want to listen to into the night, they hook you with both their music and music videos.

‘Overcome’ shimmers with a light twinkle of sound that brings a warmth to your skin. The deep beat is a wonderful counter to the higher notes that threaten to float away on the glistening winds of the melody. The music is packed with the last warm days of summer that fills you with some seriously good vibes. The vibrations of the guitars and synths come together perfectly for a tangle of sound that you can’t stop listening to. The energy of the melody slowly fills you and lifts your spirits like the warmth of the sun after a cold day.

The vocal enter like a gentle breeze that brings a whisper of cool air on a hot day. While the vocals are light, the lyrics have a more sombre message. They delve into the end of a friendship and the understanding that trying to stay friends is not good for either person. While there is a sadness to the lyrics, the bolstering melody and movement of the vocals fill you with something good. The bright feelings infused into both the vocals and music lets you know that the future will be better and you will get over the end of the friendship.

Night Talks fills you with warmth while tempering the end of a friendship with the bright energy in ‘Overcome’. The melody shimmers and sparkles to life before filling you with the good vibes of the track. While the lyrics delve into the loss of a friendship, the vocals bolster your spirits and have you excited for the future.

Find out more about Night Talks on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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