Track of the Day: Dylan Sherry – Flying Colours

Technically beginning his musical career in 2016 with the release of his debut EP The Silver Spring, Dylan Sherry is a well-known name on his local scene. Based in California, USA, Sherry has a lot of competition but he continues to shine brightly releasing several singles and EPs – ultimately leading to a record deal with L.A. Tangerine. Featured on Stereo Stickman, We All Want Someone, iHeart Radio, California’s KCSN (88.5 FM) and Rockol Magazine, the singer-songwriter is reaching audiences on an international level. The latest release from Sherry is ‘Flying Colours’.

Recorded with Mike Post at MooseCat Recording, ‘Flying Colours’ has an interesting melodic arrangement with several layers and textures. Following his indie-folk single ‘This Too Won’t Last’, ‘Flying Colours adopts a more ambient pop style. While he retains the folk-esque element in the new single, it is far more upbeat than previous works. What I find intriguing is how the dynamic guitars and drums are prominent, but one can also hear Sherry’s soft folk tones interjected between the instrumentation. It is a case of all elements having their individual personality and coming together as one.

A coming of age single (sort of), ‘Flying Colours’ touches on issues of self-development, anxiety, inner conflict, confusion and self-belief. Sherry explains that ‘Flying Colours’ is “…really about the struggle to find direction in the world, which is especially relevant for me and my peers who also graduated about a week ago. I typically write love songs, but I personified the tug of war of sorts between anxiety and appreciation for a number of things and experiences during college.”

Using his personal narrative with hushed vocals, Sherry can effortlessly connect with the listener in an intimate way. As if speaking instead of singing, there is an intensity in the soft sounds making you pay attention but also giving off chilled vibes. A kaleidoscopic single, ‘Flying Colours’ is harmonic, anthemic and inspirational with a lingering sense of hopefulness for the future.

For more from Dylan Sherry check out his official website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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