Grand Alpaca – Devil is the Heart of Mine (2021)

Are you looking for a song that you can easily relate to that offers blazing guitars and choruses you need to sing along to? This is exactly what Grand Alpaca has to offer with his single ‘Devil is the Heart of Mine’. This folk-rock track takes a huge dive into lyrics about a devilish heart that truly showcases what he is all about.

While his guitar-driven sound has you soaring, it is the elegance of the execution that keeps you coming back for more. Paired with honest lyrics, relatable themes and heartfelt vocals, Grand Alpaca weaves the majestic coasts of Norway into the soothing warmth of California. As part of his debut album, the single leaves you eager to hear more and more of what he has to offer.

Grand Alpaca’s vocals open ‘Devil is the Heart of Mine’ with a delightful earthy feeling. His voice is so smooth as it flows between the guitar-driven melody. As he weaves the poetic lyrics around your soul he takes you on a dive into a soaring feeling of freedom for the chorus. The rise of the chorus leads you perfectly to the dip of the verses that embrace you like an old friend. You can’t help but get lost in the majesty of the vocals that are infused with so much honesty. The tender emotions he works into the track are beautiful and fills every corner of your soul before you lose yourself in the music.

While his vocals have you firmly in their grip, the melody enhances their earthy feeling. The guitar-driven melody has you sitting by the fire in a campsite before soaring on warm thermals. Through all of this, is an intimacy within the melody that draws you close. The melody is a really amazing mixture of folk and rock with a touch of Americana. The guitar solo toward the end of the single is sublime and captures everything the single has to say and sends it soaring into your chest.

Grand Alpaca draws you close for the honest tale of ‘Devil is the Heart of Mine’. The single is so easy to get lost in as you are transported into his folk-rock world. Each note adds a closeness to the single while embracing the knowledge that he has created a devilish heart.

Find out more about Grand Alpaca on his website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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