E.G. Phillips – The Octopus Song (2022)

After the UK officially recognised octopi as sentient beings, E.G. Phillips takes a deeper look at our cephalopod friends. Through the aptly titled ‘The Octopus Song’, he takes us on a meditation of the inner life of these animals and contrasts this with the nature of consciousness. While the single focuses on octopi, there is a personal turn to the track as well.

Drawing on his ability to create lyric-driven songs packed with cinematic imagery and whimsy, the track is packed with heart. With a splash of jazz and relaxing nostalgic soul, Phillips sets the stage for his upcoming album. The easy listening vibes of the single are enhanced by the horn interplay of Rich Armstrong and Daniel Casares.

‘The Octopus Song’ has a decadent late-night feel to the music, as it courses through the soundscape and lulls you into its richness. There is an old school vibe to the music that takes you back in time to the heyday of easy jazz and lounge. You can easily imagine the music streaming through the airwaves of a jazz bar late at night, or a lounge bar. The horns have you swaying to their richness while the drums shiver through the low levels. The music is pure decadence and is so wonderful to listen to as you relax back into the plush tones. If you are in the mood for an easy listening experience, this is the single you should be listening to.

While the music has you resting back into its rich and luxurious tones, Phillips’ crooning vocals top off the old school vibes. The lyrics are an easy tribute to the octopus and really gets you thinking about them in a different way. While the lyrics pay tribute to them, there is something much deeper resting just below the surface. Phillips’ performance carefully takes your hand to lead you to this deeper message that looks at the nature of consciousness and the idea that octopi are otherworldly. The imagery packed into the lyrics gives the single a wonderfully whimsical feeling at times, that is tempered by the soulful slides of the music.

E.G. Phillips has you relaxing into the rich sound of ‘The Octopus Song’ while considering the inner life of these animals and the nature of consciousness. The music is rich in its old school soul and jazz vibes that makes it so easy to listen to. Phillips’ vocals croon through the soundscape as he draws you into the thoughts of the lyrics.

Find out more about E.G. Phillips on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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