Sugar Relics – Can’t Stay Awake (2022)

When you find yourself in a dark place, it can be a battle to simply do the things you love, or even get out of bed. This battle is brought to life through the story of ‘Can’t Stay Awake’ by Sugar Relics. Using sleep as the villain of the tale, she looks at the fight you have with yourself, when in these dark places, to complete some of the things we take for granted in daily life.

Using dark melodics, Laura Serafine, the woman behind the music, explores not only the internal battles we face, but the weight the world places on us. The haunting yet catchy alternative pop tones that fill the soundscape have been honed over years of musical creation. The mental struggles of the track are also the opening salvo for her upcoming album that delves into the weight we all live under.

‘Can’t Stay Awake’ throws you into the deep end of the melody from the first moment. There is a swirl of dark tones through the soundscape that grab at the edges of your senses, trying to draw you under the surface. The tones in the background get your heart pounding as they bring a fight or flight sense to the soundscape. There is a feeling of being hunted that comes through the soundscape, that perfectly matches the tale of fighting in the lyrics. All the emotions that swirl through the soundscape are intense and the music takes everything to another level. It is a masterful piece of music that builds tension and fills you with the existential fight that takes place inside all of us when we are in our darkest moments.

As the music pulls at your senses, Serafine’s vocals glint over the top of the music like shards of light breaking through the darkness. Through her performance, you are drawn into the struggle against the darkness inside us all. As her vocals rise on the chorus, she pushes against sleep that tries to pull her under. While sleep is something we all need, it is portrayed as the villain in this story as it tries to take over your life. Serafine has brought the struggle against the darkness inside to life with a dark poetic beauty. Every element of the single comes together for an addictive movement that you never want to end.

Sugar Relics brings the battle against the darkness inside all of us to life through the encompassing tones and addictive movements of ‘Can’t Stay Awake’. The melody drops you in the deep end of the sound and keeps tugging at the edges of your brain. Her vocals are shards of light that bring the struggle against depression and too much sleep to life.

Find out more about Sugar Relics on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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