Nicky Moran – All Your Promises Are For Me (2022)

Nicky Moran used inspiring messaging to encourage us to embrace hope, forgiveness and kindness in ‘Gonna Turn’ before chatting to us about her 10th gospel album Unlocked. She has now released ‘All Your Promises Are For Me’ as the third single from the album. Packed with nostalgic warmth and the strength to find personal peace and confidence, the single brings positive declarations to a feeling of safety and fun.

Using a melody that is sure to make you want to get up and dance, the single touches on the shelter many find in the glow of a higher power. While the single continues the gospel tones of her music, there is a strength and energy that transcends any religious belief. If you are facing challenges in your life, this just might be the single you need to help you through them.

The gentle guitar that opens ‘All Your Promises Are For Me’ really puts you at ease and relaxes your muscles. The shuffle of the higher tones adds to the movement of the guitar and makes you want to sway to the rhythm. There are wonderful layers of sound that build as the single progresses like the building of strength that comes from the vocals. The chorus has a toe-tapping vibe that lifts your spirit and fills your chest with light. The brightness of the melody helps to shift the weight and darkness of any situation leaving you basking in the glow of something good.

While the melody has you swaying and lightly bopping to the single, it is Moran’s vocals that really make the single. Her performance has a wonderful companionable feeling to it that bolsters the easy vibes of the melody. The lyrics do lean heavily on the side of gospel worship as you open yourself to the strength that God offers. If you are not religious, it is possible to still enjoy the single for the easy and uplifting vibes that have been woven into each note. The backing vocals bring a community feeling to the performance that lifts everything to a new level. Whether you believe or not, you will feel lighter at the end of this track and ready to face the world.

Nicky Moran opens our senses to the warm glow of a higher power and fills us with the strength to face the problems of the world in ‘All Your Promises Are For Me’. The melody is uplifting and has an addictive sway that you can’t help but give in to. Moran’s vocals lean heavily on gospel tones, but there is a lightness to her performance that lifts worries and stress from your shoulders.

Find out more about Nicky Moran on her website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.  

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