Amritha Shakti – Sweet Kind of Sadness (2020)

Amritha Shakti is a powerhouse singer-songwriter from Melbourne. She has been dabbling in South Indian classical and semi-classical music since the age of four. Now, she is paying homage to her Indian roots through a delightful fusion of neo-soul and jazz.

Her second single ‘Sweet Kind of Sadness’ focusses on accepting the painful lessons of our past. The track looks at growing through struggles and the healing process that brings hope and light to our lives. The single takes you through an interesting process.

‘Sweet Kind of Sadness’ opens gently with a soft guitar matched by the soft tones of Shakti’s voice. The track has a stripped back melody that works for the subject matter and highlights the power of the vocals. There is just the guitar and Shakti’s voice.

The jazzy neo-soul fusion of the song flows through the vocal performance of the track. Shakti modulates between soft and powerful keeping your attention while letting the lyrics sink in. There is a bittersweet taste to the track that makes it hauntingly beautiful.

Amritha Shakti tells a bittersweet tale in ‘Sweet Kind of Sadness’ while highlighting the control and power of her vocals. While the melody is simple, it is her performance that moves your soul. The track is a haunting, but a powerful taste of what she has to offer.

Find out more about Amritha Shakti on her Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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