Eckotrigger – New Narcissism (2021)

Eckotrigger wrapped a dark synth blanket around us, while playing out some enthralling reflections in their single ‘Collide’. Now, they are pushing the boundaries of musical texture and themes with ‘New Narcissism’. As they push, the duo creates a unique sound that swirls with dark synth tones, soulful vocals and an undulating blend of melodies that keeps you on your toes.

Bringing art-pop to electronic, new wave and post-punk, they select the best elements of each and stitch them together for a tapestry of amazing sound. With interesting lyrics and an equally intriguing soundscape, they pull you in and get you firmly hooked to their sound. As the single was released, they were putting the finishing touches on their upcoming EP and preparing for a live tour.

‘New Narcissism’ pulses into your ears with a steady beat that is light, with a retro vibe. As the drums sweep through the low levels, they add texture to the pulsing tones of the synths. The retro vibes float between the melodies, while a modern edge of new wave peeks through. There is a constant flow to the melody that has you moving forward through the soundscape, while relaxing back into the sound. It is a great movement that gets you invested in the single, but does not push at you to gain your attention.

Resting over the melody are some darker soulful vocals. Joel Alexander’s voice slides out of the depths of the melody to wisp against your skin. His performance really gets you thinking about the lyrics and what the band has to say about modern life. The light they shine on the way we connect with others and move through the world is eye-opening in the gentlest way possible. As the single progresses, the layering of the vocals bolsters the textures and depths of the track, taking it to a new level. The single is unique in its retro yet modern vibes, while presenting a really important message in an engaging way.

Eckotrigger gently pulls you into ‘New Narcissism’ with music that is both retro and modern, while turning your attention to an important message. The synths steadily move you through the soundscape, while carefully getting you hooked to the sound. As the rather soulful vocals turn your attention to how we connect and live in the modern world, the band releases a message that will stick with you long after the song has ended.

Find out more about Eckotrigger on their website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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