EckoTrigger – Collide (2020)

EckoTrigger is sending out a message about mental health, spilt personality issues and addiction with their single ‘Collide’. Drawing on dark wave woven into alternative rock and electronic pop, the single takes on heavy topics through an intriguing sound. Steeped in haziness and flowing with vulnerability, the band perfectly capture the emotions of the topic while keeping you engaged.

Joel Alexander (vocals) and Paul Dogra (instrumentalist) got together to make music in 2016 as The Ultra. Under this moniker, they released EPs that touches on experimental sounds. In 2020, they rebranded as EckoTrigger to continue their journey through interesting and challenging music. This is the first single under their new identity and it has set the bar high.

The electronic tones that open ‘Collide’ step against your ears while filling you with a sense of twilight. The beats that hit take over from these tones but they stay in the background throughout the single. The synths wash across you before the melody picks up the pace for a touch of post-punk goodness. There is a slight 80s edge to the music that wraps itself around the dark flows of the deep synths. The movement of the melody rises and falls in an interesting sonic display that really showcases the versatility of the duo.

Alexander’s vocals have a light haziness resting over them that adds a little something to the messaging of the track. The gruffness of his vocals creates a contrast to the smooth synths of the melody. At times, he whispers in the dark only to build in power to pulse against you. His performance continues that touch of 80s synth-pop but there is a very modern edge of darkness to his voice.

EckoTrigger wraps you in a dark synth blanket for the enthralling reflections of ‘Collide’. Draped in dark wave, the synths have an 80s edge with modern despair shot through them. Alexander’s vocals are a gruff counter as he reflects on mental health.

Find out more about EckoTrigger on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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