Edith – Never Stay Too Long (2020)

At the age of 10, Edith started writing songs as a way to express her emotions. Last year, she took the first steps on her musical career and released her self-titled debut EP. She is now back with her new single ‘Never Stay Too Long’.

The track was written when she was pretty angry and is a perfect description of her feelings at the time. The song avoids cliché, even though it is about a boy, by empowering the listener and letting them know that they are not worthless even if someone has made them feel that way. Edith pours all the words you want to say in these situations into the song to help you put your feelings to bed.

The deep pop beats of ‘Never Stay Too Long’ hook you before Edith’s vocals have the change to draw your attention. Once they enter, you can’t stop listening to the track as she lays bare the breakdown of a relationship. This turns into anger and frustration that is clear in her passionate delivery of the lyrics.

The vivid lyrics of the track are reinforced with the solid melody of the song. The beat highlights the emotions of the words to drive them home. The chorus of the track is catchy and will stick in your head for a long time after you have listened to it.

Edith expresses all her frustration while empowering you in ‘Never Stay Too Long’ and avoiding any post-breakup clichés. The track is full of powerful vocals with a catchy melody that sticks in your head.

Find out more about Edith on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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