Colleen Orender – Siren (2020)

Colleen Orender is a Nashville-based contemporary soul singer that is here to amaze with her smouldering vocals. In 2018, she released her Holiday smash ‘Blame it on the Mistletoe’ to critical acclaim. She is now following up her previous releases with ‘Siren’.

The track is the fourth single from her album The Company of Older Men. The haunting lament was written by Orender and produced by Michael Davey. It continues she sultry jazz assault that turns any venue into a smouldering 1930s juke joint.

‘Siren’ opens with a simple piano melody before Orender’s smoky vocals curl into your ears. The song’s melody is a sultry jazz beat with a touch of James Bond. The beats transport you to a dim jazz club while the lyrics paint a soulful picture.

While the melody of the song ensnares you, it is Orender’s vocal performance that acts as the siren call. Her vocals are perfectly controlled and expressive in their delivery. The lyrics themselves are descriptive and add to the bluesy undertones of the track.

Colleen Orender combines smoky vocals with a sultry melody to echo the deep call of the sea in ‘Siren’. The smouldering onslaught transports you to the jazz clubs of old with a splash of blues.

Find out more about Colleen Orender on her website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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