Mister Keith – Dig A Little Deeper (2020)

Mister Keith or songwriter Keith Ayling has been in the music industry for years. During this time, he has performed on BBC, MTV and educates as a lecturer and TED speaker. He has now returned to releasing his own music with ‘Dig a Little Deeper’ following the critical acclaim of his debut.

‘Dig a Little Deeper’ is fuelled by a questioning of life. It is also driven by the idea that songs are a combination of ideas where the present meets with memory. The track is all about real life and the struggles everyone faces while still looking for an adventure. The song is accompanied by a newly released music video.

‘Dig A Little Deeper’ draws you in this a popping opening before Ayling’s expressive vocals grab you. The melody is an intense sonic palette full of forward momentum and gentle tones. It is also full of foot-tapping beats and fun pop sensibilities.

Lyrically, the track has a hopeful message weaved through the struggles of life. The chorus is captivating and leaves you with a balloon of hope in your chest. The emotions of the track are more accessible through the emotive vocal performance. The song leaves you with a feeling of hope and that if you dig a little deeper you can get through anything.

Mister Keith leaves you feeling buoyant knowing that you can overcome anything if you ‘Dig a Little Deeper’. This song weaves crisis with hope and lights the path to overcoming even the darkest moments.

Find out more about Mister Keith on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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