Edward Sansom – Suck It Up (2021)

While the digital world allows us to connect with others at any time, many people feel isolated from the world around them. These feelings have increased with the pandemic leading to internalised frustration. This is something that Edward Sansom picks up for his guitar-driven single ‘Suck It Up’. Touching on personal feelings of isolation and escapism, he reflects on the emotions this invokes to a moody and dark guitar-driven soundscape.

The single continues his echoing of modern society through his music with dark melodics and artful turns of phrase. His delving into the darker parts of life has led to him breaking out of his seaside hometown with performances at Camden Rocks, Glastonbury and Isle of Wight. While darker than some of the music out there, his melodies are extremely catchy and packed with his passion for music.

‘Suck It Up’ softly draws you into the soundscape before you are hit with a blast of guitar. There is a delightful darkness to the music that insinuates itself into your brain and hooks its talons in. The rolling drums have you running through the melody before you are propelled by the chorus. It is a dynamic movement that captivates your senses and enhances the emotional impact of the lyrics. There are zipping higher tones that cut through the top of the melody adding a sense of texture to the track that is utterly wonderful.

As the dynamic movements of the melody propel you through the soundscape, Sansom’s vocals offer the emotional hit. Through the lyrics, he drops you into a moment that most of us can relate to. Leading up to the chorus, his voice dips before soaring on the rise of the guitars. There is a ridiculously catchy feeling to the chorus that makes you sing along, really there is no other option. His voice is so smooth that you can’t help but get lost in it while his falsetto is spot on and hits just right against the subtle aggression of the melody.

Edward Sansom delves into the dark parts of the world through the engaging tones of ‘Suck It Up’. The melody has you running into the sound while his vocals get you thinking about feelings of isolation, escapism and frustration. The dynamic movements of the track rise and fall through you and have you yearning to hear more from him.

Find out more about Edward Sansom on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.  

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