David Ost – Ants (2021)

The relationship between humans and nature shone in David Ost’s single ‘Fire in Alaska’. With ‘Ants’, he focuses on something much more personal. Through the powerful track, he delves into the breakdown of a deep friendship due to depression and how it can be difficult to speak about what is happening inside us.

This version of the single offers a stripped back soundscape that brings the emotional core of the track into sharp focus. While stripped, Ost showcases his musicality and the power of acoustics. While planning his upcoming tour, he is also busy working on further singles leading up to a debut single.

‘Ants’ eases into your soul with the soft guitar tones. The stripped-back melody plucks and taps against your ears in a way that enhances the vocals. The piano line is rich and soft as it washes over you and creates a plush landing for the vocals. There is a delicate beauty to the music that grips your heart and threatens to squeeze. Each acoustic note emphasises the emotions of the melody. Later in the track, a paced beat enter to propel you forward along the piano line. It is an amazing melody that uses each instrument to bolster the emotional impact of the lyrics.

Ost’s vocals have an earthy feeling that works so well with the acoustic melody. The depths of the emotions in the lyrics shine through his performance mixing with the melody for an unstoppable track. You can’t help but feel the urge to close your eyes and let the song wash through you. He brings a poetry to the lyrics that is deepened by the harmonised backing vocals. There is a sumptuous feeling to these harmonisations that elevates everything in the track. This is a song that will stick with you for long after you have stopped listening.

David Ost strips back the melody of ‘Ants’ to create a delicate and exquisite listening experience. The stripped-back melodics highlights the emotional impact of the track while urging you to fall back into the movement of the track. Each note adds to the beauty of the single and is a true testament to Ost’s musicality.

Find out more about David Ost on his website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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