Simple Creatures – Drug (2019)

Love Blink 182? Love All Time Low (ATL), particularly Alex Gaskarth and his beautiful voice? If you answered yes to either (or both) of these questions, then you will love the new band, Simple Creatures. Mark Hoppus and Alex Gaskarth join forces to create a new single titled Drug’.

Oh. My. Damn. I love this song so much! Not the ‘I really like the song’ kind of love, but more of a ‘this song is amazing and I have to listen to this song as if it was a drug and I need the rest of the EP’ kind of way.

It’s different. I would love to compare the differences between All Time Low/Blink 182 and Simple Creatures but I‘m unable to. There is definitely a distinct difference, however, I can’t put into words what that difference is. I just can’t put my finger on it. Yes, ATL and Blink songs have a stronger rock presence, but I wouldn’t consider Simple Creatures to be in that category, except maybe a little more on the edgier alternative rock side. The closest song I can come up with that’s similar to ‘Drug’ is ATL’s ‘Birthday’, and while I can hear similarities in the music there’s still a vast difference.

Identifiably different than both ATL and Blink, but in a way that fits both Alex and Mark a little better together. It reminisces on their own music but it sounds fuller and like each of their parts balances out the other.

Jared Dejesus

This is probably the best new single I’ve listened to so far this year. I feel slightly guilty for saying that because there have been many great releases so far, but I’m so impressed with this band. I’m actually a little surprised I enjoy it as much as I do, it’s not the style of music I generally listen to on repeat so it came as a bit of a shock when I fell in love with it so easily.

To me, it feels as though the song has a darker theme than any releases from the counterpart bands. Last Young Renegade was a little dark but this seems more personal. It comes across similar to a diary entry or confession of personal thoughts. Aside from the emotions, the listener is also getting a birds-eye view of the whole mental picture; how the artist feels bring attached to someone or something that they’re not even cognizant of being manipulated or feeling the ‘side effects’ of the contributing actions until after the fact.

While artists often give their audience a look into their thoughts, it still seems like they’re only sharing a piece rather than the whole thing. There is a sense of openness as if they’re trying to let listeners further into their thoughts and feelings.

To engage with Simple Creatures, check out their Facebook and Twitter. To listen to ‘Drug’, check out Apple Music and Spotify.

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