Eilis Frawley – Darkest Truth (2020)

There are certain things that people avoid talking about and sexual assault is one of them. Eilis Frawley is taking the scary step of addressing this in her new single ‘Darkest Truth’. This is an intensely personal single that combines Frawley’s precision rhythms with spoken word for a deeply effective sonic experience.

A conservatoire-trained percussionist and former member of Party Fears, she takes a deep look into the experiences of modern life. This examination is done using avant-garde melodies full of large percussion soundscapes and meaningful spoken word lyrics. The single is the second off her upcoming EP and gives you a great introduction to what she has to offer.

‘Darkest Truth’ uses a synth-heavy opening with zinging tones and wavering vibes to draw you in. The raw synth soundscape has a darkness in it that makes you a little nervous about what is going to happen. When the vocals hit, you are introduced to what that creeping sensation was all about. There are deep beats full of various percussion instrumentation creating an expansive melodic soundscape.

The depth of the melody adds to the emotional hit of the lyrics. Using a spoken word delivery which makes the lyrics more poignant, Frawley details her darkest truth. She takes you into the traumatic moments and leaves you with a skin-crawling sensation. The personal connection she has to the lyrics shines through in her performance and makes the emotional impact harder. If this song does not leave you feeling a range of emotions, there is something wrong with you.

Eilis Frawley shares a deeply personal experience in an effort to raise awareness in ‘Darkest Truth’. The deep melody has a creeping darkness to it. This combines with the impactful spoken word delivery of the lyrics.

Find out more about Eilis Frawley on her website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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