Keeya – I Got You (2020)

‘I Got You’ by Keeya is the most personal song off her upcoming debut EP Paradise. Written as a love letter to herself, she works through personal experiences while creating an ode to those closest to her. While looking at personal experiences, she connects with you in a visceral way and lets you know that she has your back. Highlighting friends, family and community, the single considers how we all take care of each other and support one another.

Having teamed up with producer Maestro The Baker, she fills you with sun-drenched positivity through sweet RnB vibes. This positivity comes from the trials she has faced in her journey as a musician and person.

The interesting notes of the opening to ‘I Got You’ really gets you. These notes continue throughout the melody, but they are somewhat overpowered by the shuffling beat. The more traditional RnB melodic beat hits you on the chorus, but those opening notes are still lurking around. While the melody could become overwhelming with the different layers, they meld in a unique way to capture you in the flow of the song. Looking past this, the melody does have a thread of positivity. You can also imagine the melody flowing over you while you relax in the sun.

The wavering melody acts as an interesting counter to Keeya’s smooth vocals. There is a raw power to her performance that is coated in velvety softness. The performance is nuanced as it flows between building you up and offering support to detailing the problems you could be facing. As you listen to her performance, you are drawn into the lyrics which are very relatable. There is a sense of strength in the lyrics and the performance that leaves you feeling connected with others and appreciating your support system.

‘I Got You’ by Keeya is an ode to all those people who have your back and support you when you need it. The wavering melody is very interesting, but works as a counter to the smoothness of her vocals. By the end of the song, you will be grateful for the support you have and start thinking about how we can further support each other.

Find out more about Keeya on her Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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